TaeKwang Sustainabliity Report 2018

TaeKwang Sustainabliity Report 2018

TaeKwang Sustainabliity Report 2018

Reporting period
January 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018

Reporting criteria
GRI Standards, Core Option

Project scope
– Analysis of sustainability management environment (Media analysis, benchmarking)
– Materiality assessment
– Comprehensive reporting tasks (manuscript compilation, design, printing)
– Interview with stakeholders

Material Sustainability Topics for TaeKwang

1. Process and technology innovation
2. Water management/protection of water resources
3. Clean and safe waste disposal or treatment
4. Protection of human rights in the workplace
5. Strengthened enterprise risk management system

6. Health and safety management in the workplace
7. Management of raw materials used in products
8. Reduction of energy/greenhouse gasses
9. Economic development in the business arena



Sustainability highlights for domestic and global work sites

Introducing 5 domestic and overseas work sites of Taekwang, we reported the major achievements of sustainability management. We wanted to increase stakeholder’s understanding of business sites by reporting performance of each site.

Value creation process

TaeKwang has established a value creation process that shows ‘input’ that is used in all areas of business operations, such as product development and manufacturing, along with corresponding ‘output’. In addition, impact made following business activities was reported in conjunction with UN SDGs.

Best practices on value creation

Along with value creation process, we reported best practices on value creation as below:
• Sustainable growth of our people
• Healthier and happier community with TaeKwang
• Leverage regulatory stringency for sustainability management

Stakeholder interviews

By conducting interviews with major stakeholders such as customers and employees, we identified sustainability issues that should be considered and managed by Taekwang.

Details about each stakeholder group

We organized a chapter that describes details about TaeKwang’s key stakeholders: customers, employees, business partners and communities. The details included introduction of each stakeholder group, key issues and communication channels.

UN SDGs and philanthropy activities

TaeKwang selected five U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) by conducting a stakeholder survey. Subsequently, we reported how TaeKwang has contributed to fulfilling these goals.

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