Material Sustainability Topics for Korea Investment & Securities

Material Sustainability Topics for Korea Investment & Securities

Korea Investment & Securities Sustainability Management Report 2018

Reporting period
January 1 – December 31, 2017

Reporting criteria
GRI Standards, Core Option

Project scope
– Analysis of sustainability management environment (Media analysis, benchmarking)
– Materiality assessment
– Comprehensive reporting tasks (manuscript compilation, design, printing)

Material Sustainability Topics for Korea Investment & Securities

1. Protect financial consumers’ information
2. Fair and transparent personnel evaluation
3. Direct economic value creation
4. Strengthen employee welfare
5. Respect for the human rights of employees
6. Provide a full explanation on financial products and services

7. Adhere to socio-economic compliance
8. Cultivate human resources and build their capacity
9. Improve financial accessibility
10. Strengthen financial risk management
11. Seek shared growth with the community



ESG Investment Report

Socially responsible investment activities, in consideration of both financial and non-financial factors, were classified into sectors such as stewardship code and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), and reported accordingly.

Special issue: Application of digital technology to the banking industry

Innovative digital technology that can be applied to the methods and activities of the banking industry in the wake of the 4th industrial revolution were presented.

Stakeholders survey about sustainability management

A questionnaire survey was conducted on the employees, customers, government and related organizations, partner companies, and local communities, which are under the direct or indirect influence of Korea Investment & Securities, to listen to their opinions on our sustainability management and social responsibility activities.

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