Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. Sustainability Management

Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. Sustainability Management

 Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. Sustainability Management

Reporting period
January 1 – December 31, 2017

Reporting criteria
GRI Standards, Core Option

Project scope
– Analysis of sustainability management environment (Media analysis, benchmarking)
– Materiality assessment
– Comprehensive reporting tasks (manuscript compilation, design, printing)
– Publishing summary report
– Interview with stakeholders

Material Sustainability Topics for KHNP

1. Supply stable power to the public
2. Achieve financial goals by running electric power business
3. Pursue common interests for both labor and management through active communication
4. Provide and manage power based on mid- to long-term power supply goals
5. Eradicate corruption and irregularities, such as bribery, priority hiring, etc.
6. Create a safe working environment for employees
7. Eradicate all types of corruption and irregularities through transparent management
8. Strengthen compliance with environmental laws

9. Contribute to developing local communities near operation sites
10. Develop employee job competence by providing education and training
11. Reduce GHG emissions during power plant operation
12. Protect health of local residents near NPPs
13. Strengthen NPP information disclosure
14. Improve power plant operation efficiency
15. Pursue mutual growth by cooperating with construction SME



Best practices on social value creation

As public institutions’ activities to create social value emerged, we reported five best practices conducted by Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power in detail. We also included a representative interview for each case.

사회적 가치창출 포럼 개최

한국수력원자력의 사회적 가치 현 수준을 진단하고 전략 방향을 모색하는 사회적 가치 창출 포럼을 개최하였습니다. 포럼에는 학계, 연구기관, 시민단체, 민간 전문가 등 다양한 이해관계를 대변하는 사회가치위원 8명과 사내외 관계자 약 30여명이 참석하였습니다.

UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs)

We reported the six SDGs selected by the KHNP based on the five core values of sustainability management and their activities; and we increased credibility of these activities by including interview of the Secretary-General of the United Nations Global Compact Korea Association.

Perception survey on sustainability management

We conducted a perception survey on sustainability management and collected opinions from internal and external stakeholders of KHNP. They gave responses in regard to their perception level on KHNP’s social responsibility, UN SDGs and social value creation.

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