2017 GS E&C Integrated Report

2017 GS E&C Integrated Report

2017 GS E&C Integrated Report

Reporting period
January 1 – December 31, 2017

Reporting criteria
GRI Standards, Core Option

Project scope
– Analysis of sustainability management environment (Media analysis, benchmarking)
– Materiality assessment
– Integration of sustainability reports (manuscript compilation, design, printing)
– Interview with stakeholders

Material Sustainability Topics for GS Engineering & Construction

1. Economic performance
2. Indirect social contributions
3. Eradication of unfair trading
4. Climate action
5. Biodiversity
6. Effluents and waste management
7. Eco-friendly technology development

8. Environmental regulation compliance
9. Mutual benefits for labor and management
10. Casualty prevention
11. Fostering employee expertise
12. Employee diversity and equal opportunity
13. Supplier labor practice assessment
14. Prohibition of discrimination

15. Eradication of child and forced labor
16. Overseas site human rights assessment
17. Human rights grievance system
18. Social contributions to communities
19. Eradication of corruption
20. Shared growth with small suppliers



Five themes of Sustainability Focus

Analyze and report sustainable management activities of GS E&C during the year 2017, classified into five sectors such as ethical management, industrial safety, global citizens, local communities and the environment. In addition, executive interviews of each department were reported together.

Sustainability Impact, the Value Creation Process

Business input, output, and impact is analyzed and reported based on the six major capitals of IIRC(International Integrated Reporting Council), such as financial, industrial, intellectual, environmental, and social and relational

GS E&C Business Model

Stakeholder understanding of business is improved since the current status, opportunity factors, and prospects of four major business departments were reported accordingly, such as architecture & housing, infrastructure, plant and power. The business performance of each division was highlighted by annual sales and orders.

sustainable management strategy

GS E&C’s sustainability management strategy were consisted of goals, strategic directivity, and key performance indicators. The key performance indicators were classifies into six major capital; financial, industrial, intellectual, environmental, human, and social relational capital.

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