2016 Korea Forestry Promotion Institute Sustainability Report

2016 Korea Forestry Promotion Institute Sustainability Report

Project period
September – December, 2016 (4 months)

December 2016

Reporting criteria


Research and analysis on sustainable forest management
Analysis on forestry in Korea
Establishing sustainable forestry process
2016 sustainability report publishing


Analysis on sustainable forest management

Easily developed sustainability report by introducing forestry’s role in coping with climate change, one of the global mega-trends, and detailing the development process of each forestry; early, mid-term, and modern.

Establishing sustainable forestry process

Introduced the sustainable value creation process at the economic, social and environmental levels throughout the entire forestry process from afforestation to production and distribution.

National survey of sustainable forestry

Conducted the survey to collect public opinions on the economic, environmental, and social impact of forestry and added to the KOFPI’s response.

Report on stakeholder concerns

Identified seven key stakeholders and draw up issues of interest for each group. Improved communication with stakeholders by transparently disclosing the sustainability management performance of the KOFPI on the issues derived.

Analysis on forestry in Korea

Introduced the current status of Korean forestry before the main chapter in order to convey the concept of ‘forestry’, which is still unfamiliar to the public.

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